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About Williamsburg Pet Loss

Our pets give us unconditional love throughout their lives. At Williamsburg Pet Loss, we offer you the opportunity to always remember those you treasure.

The aftercare of your pet's remains is one of the last things you wish to think about while grieving. The shock and sorrow you feel from losing a pet is difficult to bear. However, after the loss of your pet, you'll need to decide how your pet's remains are handled.


Benefits of Cremation

  • Cost; the price of cremation is significantly lower than a standard burial.
  • You have the option of keeping your pet with you forever, no matter where your travels take you.
  • You can choose from a wide range of Urns - one to suit the personality of your beloved pet or your home decor.
  • Cremation is the only option that allows scattering your pet's ashes, maybe a beach or under a flowerbed in the garden.
  • You have the benefit of keeping your pet in an area of your choosing.

The Pet Cremation Process

The Pet Cremation Process

  1. Pet passes at home or at local Vet.
  2. Owner requests vet to use Williamsburg Pet Loss or owner calls Williamsburg Pet Loss directly.
  3. Williamsburg Pet Loss arrives at vet clinic and enters Pet into our SecurIDy tracking software.
  4. Pet is transported to our on-site crematory in Williamsburg.
  5. Upon arrival at our crematorium, Pet's info is recorded via WPL's tracking software.
  6. Prior to cremation, the pet is weighed and documented for verification.
  7. Selected cremation is performed.
  8. Cremains are placed in the urn of owner's choosing and receipted for completion.
  9. Pet's cremains are hand-delivered to the owner"s vet clinic or hospital.

SecurIDy Cremation Tracking System

SecurIDy Cremation Tracking ensures the cremains you receive are guaranteed to be your pet's - not someone else's.