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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Cremation services the same?
You be the judge! Do your research, call your Vet, ask who they've used in the past. Ask how long it typically takes, how much does it cost and how far away is the crematorium?
Does my Williamsburg Veterinarian clinic/hospital cremate my pet at their facility?
No, contrary to popular belief none of our local Vets perform cremations. Prior to Williamsburg Pet Loss, Williamsburg Vets outsourced this service to an out of town cremation facility.
Do I have a choice who my Veterinarian uses to cremate my pet? Even if I don't want my pet's remains back?
Yes, absolutely! Just tell your Vet you want to use Williamsburg Pet Loss for your pet's cremation. You now have a choice to have your pets cremated by a locally owned and operated crematorium. 
How long before my pet's remains will be returned?
Returning your pet's remains safely and promptly is the focal point of our customer service. Generally, the process takes 72 hours or less to complete; beginning with time of pick-up, transportation to and from our facility, then return to your respected vet clinic or vet hospital.
What is the difference between Group and Private Cremations?
You may decide that you do want to have your pet cremated; however, you do not want their ashes returned. Group cremation, also known as, communal cremation, is a choice to have your pet cremated with other pets at the same time.

A private cremation is the choice to have your pet, and only your pet, placed in the retort and cremated without any other pets. A private cremation is an option to consider if you want your pet's ashes returned.
How do I know my pets remains are without question, my pet?
Williamsburg Pet Loss uses computer based tracking software "SecurIDy" similar to the U.S. Air Force's system. SecurIDy is the only case management tracking system that synchronizes Bar code technology, WPL's data processing system and WPL's computerized cremator. Williamsburg Pet Loss employs technology with a compassionate heart to place your mind at rest.
If my pet dies at home, do I have to take them to the Veterinarian for cremation?

No, the choice is completely up to you. Williamsburg Pet Loss can accommodate walk-in appointments or from your respected Veterinarian's clinic/hospital.
If Your Pet Dies Suddenly At Home

We are having our pet euthanized at our local vet hospital. Then what?
Instruct your veterinarian to call Williamsburg Pet Loss. As your local pet cremation service, we will transport your pet from the hospital/clinic to our facility. An arrangement for a group or private cremation is entirely your choice. Call (757) 345-3322 to insure the proper aftercare of your pet. In most cases, we will have your pet's ashes returned to your preferred vet clinic within 72 hours. Your vet clinic will then inform you when your pet's remains can be picked up.