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Suggestions For Your Pet's Ashes

If you decide to keep the ashes from your pet's cremation then there are several options you can choose from when finding a final resting place for the cremains.

Keeping the Ashes

Many pet owners choose to purchase an urn or some other dignified container to keep their pet's ashes in. Some owners display the urn prominently within the home while others tuck it away in a quiet place within their home. If you would like to have a daily reminder of your pet then perhaps choosing an up-graded urn would fulfill this option. Williamsburg Pet Loss offers a selection of hand crafted urns and can assist in the selection process at the customer's request. For those pet owners seeking a unique artistically inspired urn, you will find many one-of-kind masterpieces located within our product line.

Spreading the Ashes

Some pet owners decide to spread their pet's ashes in a location that has sentimental meaning. An outdoor area where your pet loved to frolic or simply the back of your yard are great examples of places appropriate for spreading ashes. Our complimentary urn, suitable for spreading ashes, is provided for both individual and private cremations.

Burying the Ashes

Many pet owners choose to cremate their pets, and then bury the ashes. Burying cremated ashes alleviates the pet owner of Virginia State Law requiring a five foot deep resting area. Some pet owners may choose to bury their pet's remains next to a family members' grave site. This option offers a specific location where the pet owners can visit and grieve for the loss of their pets. However, you may prefer a more personal reflection area, such as your backyard or garden. Burying your pet's ashes is other option that many pet owners choose.